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Paul wrote admonishing believers to support each others ministry. He did this as whatever we do to the very least we do to Him directly, good or bad. Global Missions Initiative has been designed to help members promote their ministry and help you raise funds or fill the needs that you have by helping you communicate your needs to prayer partners and believers that want to help. All proceeds will be sent to you directly. It should be understood that all who have a space here are members of ODB and agree with ODB's  (Articles of Faith), and Code of Ethics for Ministers and we support our members efforts and ask that believers help as well. To request space located on these pages simply fill out the online request form.

Contact Street Address:15-5-10,LUTHERGIRI
City: RAJAHMUNDRY State: ANDHRAPRADESH Contact_ZipCode: 533105 Country: INDIA 

Phone: 91 883 5570321 Email:  kcdevaraju@rediffmail.com 

Income: 200000 Rupees Expenses: 250000  Rupees
Ministry Type: Orphanage People helped:  80 People to help:180

We established a small Organization by name SHEAF AND GRACE MINISTRIES. This organization was registered under Government of India Societies act, through which we are able to render our little services to Jesus.  We are having separate orphanages for girls and boys in which there are 29 girls and 51 boys.  Nearly 70 pastors are serving under our organization in the village areas.  Our residential area is very near to Jungle (Tribal) area. We are working among the un-cultured people who donít have a script for their language.  These people worship Hindu gods and goddesses; all these millions of gods are man-made.  Most of the people living in these tribal areas are idol worshipers. We strongly believe in what ever we ask in prayer and we shall receive them from God.  I pray my Jesus that you people must become as strong vessels of Christ in reaching the perishing souls to win them for the God. Please pray for us, so that we shall render our restless services to the perishing souls of my country for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Go Ye Missions

29, Water Tank Rd.
Nagercoil 529 001


Web Address: http://www.goyemissions.org

Email: goyemissions@goyemissions.org
Rev. P Elangovan
Rev. P. Kulandaivelu


GO YE MISSIONS is a Christ-centered, mission-oriented, Spirit-filled, Bible-based missionary organization established with the purpose to reach the unreached with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve the poor community. It is registered with the Government of India.


We are located in South India in the state of Tamilnadu. Only 2% of the population here are Christians. But we praise God that the Almighty God has kept us and given us vision in our wonderful state to witness for Him. By the grace of God, many are coming to Christ through our ministry. Truly, the harvest fields are very ripe in our country, and people are turning to Jesus by the masses. It is God's time for India.  


Our main objectives are:

∑∑ Church planting

∑∑ Helping native missionaries

∑∑ Caring for poor and orphaned children

∑∑ Distributing bibles and Christian literature, and

∑∑ Serving the community through various social activities and medical services.

Our ultimate goal is to win people for Jesus through these activities. This mission looks to God in faith for its support through His people. We appeal to the children of God to be partners with us in regular prayers, in sacrificial giving and involvement with evangelizing the un evangelized.


Please tour our website to find out more about how you can be a part of this wonderful work that God is doing. The need is great, but together we can make a difference for Jesus our Lord.



The following are the ministry goals which we are currently accomplishing by Godís grace:

1. Planting churches in totally un reached areas
2. Evangelizing in rural areas
3. Housing children in our Go Ye Missions Children's Home
4. Ministering to those with leprosy
5. Developing communities through relief ministry to victims of natural disaster; giving clothes, food, and medical care to the needy
6. Distributing bibles and Christian literature

Please Pray For Our

1. To plant 100 Churches
2. To support 200 native missionaries
3. To care for 800 orphaned and needy children
4. To support 200 widows
5. To give pension to 100 lepers
6. To give pension to 100 Blind people
7. To start one Tailoring Institute for tribal girls
8. To start a Theological Institute in English Mediu


Other Future Plans 

1. To expand our Bible training center
2. To develop an old age home
3. To expand our literature ministry to include audio and film materials
4. To begin a day care center







Tenali - 522 201.

Guntur Dist. A.P. S.India.

Services: Church outreach, orphanage

Needs: Prayer: Financial Need $574 per month US or 26,100 Rupees 


"Come unto me all ye are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest."


New Hope Fellowship is based in Mumias district, western province of Kenya and was founded by Rev Lucas Ambayo Obanda in 1990.It legally operates as a church under Registration number 2913. Rev Lucas A. Obanda is married and have five children. They serve the lord together with their children. They received the lord Jesus Christ as their lord and savior in 1988,when he resigned as a school teacher as a response to the call of God in his life. The lord made it clear that he had other plans for him, after series of dealings. God honors his word by releasing  salvation, healing, deliverance, strength, and encouragement as they preach the word of God.                                                      
MISSION: To bring the lost to Christ and disciple them into committed followers of Jesus Christ.
CHILD SPONSORSHIP: A program has been started to sponsor needy and less fortunate children to provide for their upkeep and education. We provide children's homes for orphans, neglected, a bused and  abandoned children. Today's orphans tomorrows leaders.  We have been sponsoring each child monthly $30. God has given us the joy of raising tomorrows leaders by providing  three meals of balanced diet daily,  parental care, education, health care and developing Christian character. We depend upon well wishers, donations, and offerings from friends to make the project going. We have 30 children that we sponsor and plans are underway to bring in 20 more if the lord will provide.
EVANGELISM AND CHURCH PLANTING: We  hold open air [crusades] and seminars in urban and in rural areas. We put more greatest focus on places where the gospel has never reached. This is mostly followed by revival meetings to encourage people to make decision for Christ. As a result many people have given their lives to Christ and many churches have been planted both in Kenya and in neighboring countries.
PARTNERSHIP IN HARVEST: We need your help to go into the harvest to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit [ 2 Cor .3:6],to open the  eyes of them  that are blinded in the minds  so that they may see  and believe and be saved.[ 2 Cor .4:4 ] If you cannot go then consider helping us to go ,together we are partners in the harvest and in the rewards when we stand before God.
                                                                 HOW YOU CAN HELP.
2.sponsor a needy child  
3.feed the hungry
4.adopt a village pastor
5.sponsor pastor for bible training
6.help construct village church buildings
7.Love offering to pastor Lucas A. Obanda
8.donate sound system [P.A.S ]
9.Donate truck for transportation

10.make plans to come and help us in great harvest evangelistic crusades and trainings.
                      NEW HOPE FELLOWSHIP
                      P. O BOX 1111 MUMIAS-KENYA


NEWARK,  DE  19702  USA
Phone: (302) 832-7293
KUSFA MICRO-CREDIT IS AN OUTREACH MINISTRY that sets itself as an organization that empowers the poor to get out of poverty by supplying small loans collateral free, business management and Biblical education. To create employment, hope and knowledge of God's word.
The purpose of this ministry to the poor is to fulfill God's call in Dt.15:7-11,Pr.19:17 and Matthew to lend, .feed and cloth the poor. They are poor but have skills, ability and desire to work way out of poverty but lack means. We provide small loans, training and inspiration. With more funds Kusfa desires to help 2,500 persons with a loan of $200 per person plus training. This will enable them to move towards self-sufficiency and ability to help others in their family and in the churches. Since micro-credit has become a viable way of poverty alleviation we desire and plan to combine loan-giving with training pastors and church leaders in the developing countries so that they start similar projects in their congregations. Our long term goal is reach 20,000 clienteles and train 100 to 200 pastors and church leaders by the year 2008. We need support so that we can help the needy out of poverty. our program started in Murang'a Kenya and economic survey of year 2000 indicates that more than half of the poor live in Kihar I'm passionate about micro-credit program and what it can achieve to provide jobs, increase business and tithing in churches. I have trained in USA, Grameen in Bangladesh and have devoted my life in teaching and running micro-credit to God's people to see to it that poverty is alleviated if not eradicated. 


Name of Ministry: "Exodus"
Contact Name: Igor Pedcenco
Contact Street Address: Pushkin str.46-5
City: Beltsy
Country: Moldova republic
Contact Zip Code: 3100
Phone:  (373)794 62870
Email 1: reut2002@mail.ru
Email 2: beltsy@lehaim.ru

Ministry Type: mission, church, school, outreach to community
People helped: 65-70
People to help: 100
Our first purpose, this construction (to be exact a reconstruction) a charitable free-of-charge dining room! It is necessary for us to pay rent of a premise, to get transport, and as purchase of food stuffs, clothes, footwear, medicines, etc.  

We have no constant deliveries of the humanitarian help (purposefully). Our country today is huge jumping-off place for service to the Lord! Actually Moldova - a huge field for harvesting!  We could bear both prison service, and teaching of the Word Divine, both feeding requiring, and the organization of Christian club as outreach.

Evangelist Jerry Galavan  409-374-2259
Word of Life Outreach Center

2014 W. Cedar Bayou-Lynchburg Rd.

Baytown, Texas  77521

Evangelist Jerry Galvan  409-374-2259

Church 281-421-4595

Ministerious De La Palabra De Vida

          Word of Life Outreach Ministries

Dearest Co-worker in our Lord's ministry;

God is so good and His mercies endureth forever.  That's the Gospel truth. We like to thank everyone who prayed and helped with your finances, after the Hurricane hit the Mexican Gulf Coast.  The storm did a lot of damage, but not that many loss of life.  A lot of homes where destroyed in an area where we work in by the Gulf Coast, one of our Co-pastors lost everything. But thank our Lord, Jesus and you , we were able to give him a love offering. We also bought enough food to feed about 200 families for 3 to 5 days.

The thing that surprised us was that the Mexican government was helping the people with food and clothes, not as often as they should but they did do something. They also promise to come in and help rebuild their homes. Our tent ministry is going great, than you Jesus. A lot of people  have been touched by the Word. Salvation, healings, deliverance, families brought together by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Please continue to pray for the people that have lost loved ones and possessions in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  We have seen a lot of churches coming together to help victims. Open doors for ministering  the Word of God. Thank you for everything you all do!

We pray God's blessings be upon you all.
The Word of Life Team
Reserved: Under Construction 
Name of Ministry:         MISSIONARY YOUTH FOR CHRIST INC,
Contact Name:             Donald Okwudili Chukwu, Pastor
Address                       P.M.B  535 Serrekunda The Gambia
City:                             Serrekunda
State:                            Basse
Contact Zip Code:        220
Country:                       Gambia
Phone:                          220 -9817518
Contact Email:              missionaryyouthforchrist@yahoo.com

Ministry Type:       Mission outreach \ Orphanage ministry
Mission: Purpose: To support the orphan children and less privileged in communities. To provide Education, food and shelter to those in need in the local area.
People helped & Reached:  500

Well first to want to thank all the brethren and body of Christ globally. We want believers to understand that love, unity and peace should be the spirit of church globally, and we should work together to achieve that common goals the are facing us as one body,
Our needs here is to support the orphan children and the less privileged in communities,


Reserved: Under Construction 

Hands For Mission Ministries

Pastor Sam A. Edem & Family

20, Ekpo Edem Street,

Calabar South Local Government Area,

Cross River State, Nigeria.


The following are what we are trying to accomplish:

1.To use every available means to make Christ known among the un-reached and the poorly reached rural people groups and to disciple them for useful services in the body of Christ. 

2. To plant and maintain churches where the poor, the jobless, the confused, the rejected, the needy and victims of circumstances and of social menace can find help, encouragement and guidance for a useful and meaningful life in Christ.

3. To give unemployed youths career training in different fields of endeavor like tailoring, welding, mechanical works, photography, computer operation and repairs, as a necessary remedy for lewd living, cultism and gangsterism.

4. To train and employ the services of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in order to promote the unity of the spirit, purity and growth of the body of Christ, both locally and globally.

5. To get involve in programs and projects that will improve health and reduce high mortality rate among the rural populace, such as provision of good drinking water and regular health care initiative programs.

The following are our major areas of need:
1. Constant prayer support for the establishment ,growth and success of the Ministry.
2.Evangelistic Equipment: such as Public address system, musical instruments, bibles, gospel tracts and fairly used materials for free distribution to those in need.
3.Financial Support to enable us:
--take care of the needy members of the body among us;
--equip the Ministry and plant new churches;
--take care of the needs of ministers and their family ;
--train and settle the unemployed ones amongst us with what they can do for a living.
Hands For  Mission Ministries is a missionary Group which believes in bible holiness and upholds the scripture as the final authority in all matters of the Christian life and service, and therefore, teaches and practices all the fundamental doctrines of the faith even as Christ and His apostles have endorsed. We exist to use both human and materials resources to make Christ known in the world, particularly among the rural populace that have little or no sound knowledge of the grace of God in Christ, and to disciple the believers for effective services in the body of Christ.
Any support that any one will be led to send to support this God-given vision shall be greatly be appreciated and be used judiciously and accordingly.
Sam A. Edem Pastor
Reserved: Under Construction 

Address 2: BOX MC 261
Zip Code: 233
Country: GHANA
Phone: 00233037228571
Email:  toweroffaithministry@yahoo.com

Ministry Type: church & outreach
People Helped: 700
WE SHARE THE LOVE OF GOD WITH LOST SOULS AND PREACH THE WORD OF GOD. WE WANT TO CARRY THE MESSAGE EVERYWHERE. We have a great need for Bibles and study materials. God is doing a great work but we need your help.

To our brothers & sisters:

May the peace and blesings of God be upon you and all that you do. Thanks a million to God and you for the support and kind gesture. We have nothing much to say than to add that we want to reach all the lost souls in GHANA with the WORD OF GOD .  We want every one saved and determined to commit our individual lives on the line.

 Thank you and may GOD richly bless you as we look to hearing from you soon. PASTOR MARTIN KANDER

"God works and we stand to do our part, help us reach all!"

Under Construction 
United States

Let My People Go/New Beginning

Outreach Ministries

1307 Trout Road, Hutchins, TX 75141

PO Box 0017 Hutchins, TX  75141 (mailing)


email: exodus8_1freeme@yahoo.com

Founder & President: Charla M. Griffin Ayers 

To assist others in finding their purpose in life, only when people know their purpose will we be able to work as a body. To deal with the need of the human soul, shedding the light of God's word on the lies & deceptions, bringing freedom to captive souls through the knowledge and power of God's Word. 5 year vision: To turn masses to disciples of Christ, Knowing the truth, working hand to hand, heart to heart, IN THEIR PLACES. (calling) I believe only then can the Army of God charge.

Mission: To fill the needs of those in community and surrounding, with the love of Jesus in operation. Purpose of this ministry: Is to fulfill God's call of EX.8:1 For leaders called by God to march into enemy land of deception & lies with A Word from God To "Let My people go" From WHATEVER bondage they are in. Fulfilling the call to set the captives FREE.
                       How you can help
1. Prayer for wisdom to oversee the vision
2. Building renovation kitchen, roof & bldg. (code) repair, gravel grounds
3. Access to computers, food, clothing, Beddings etc.
4. Recruiting and fundraising plan
5. Bus for Youth & others without transportation to attend services Jobs , bus line etc.
6. Love offering for president, to alleviate our need from The Need, thus releasing focus To and For others

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Passion for Christ 

Jesus gave it all for us, to build the body of Christ, so we are to be like Him if we are of Him! The body in maturity reaching out to all globally caring for peoples needs through Him and His Covenant Provision!

The Passion of Jesus should also be the passion of the body! We believe "Christ" defined is Jesus the head and His people are the body. Salvation is turning our lives over to Him. It is accepting Christ, Jesus and the body. Whatever we do to the least of these, we do to Him. Accept Christ today, ask Him into your heart. Seek Him & His ways and you will find Him. It is our only hope for any future. Your life will not be the same.

God has a plan for your life. Do you know His plan for you? Find your purpose, calling and gifts: Free Assessment

Getting Started

Our Passion in working together!


This is Pastoral Counseling Services

..an introduction to change and recovery

through individual and or group counseling and support services

What is Pastoral Counseling?

Pastoral Counseling is a confidential relationship between a trained professional and a person who desires to see some changes in their life. Sessions are normally held weekly for 50 minutes and may be short term or long term - a few weeks, a few months, a year or more. Pastoral Counseling is based on Cognitive Restructuring (learning to walk in the Spirit and not the flesh).

Pastoral Counseling Services

Stan Hatkoff, Ph.D., D.B.S.
200 SW Florence Ave., E-7, Gresham, OR  97080

For Appointment Call:


Contact Us

"Touching Heaven & Changing Earth, through Jesus, Restoration & Praise"

Box 930615 

Wixom, MI 48393-0615 USA


Pastor Paul Carr: d_carrourdailybread@charter.net

                          Pastor Donna Steen:  dsteen0512@sbcglobal.net

                   Pastor Diane Carr:  d_carrourdailybread@charter.net


Mission & Purpose: Healing for the nations through Christ. Psalm 100 "Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands! Serve the LORD with gladness; come before His presence with singing! Know ye that the LORD, He is God; it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves. We are His people, and the sheep of His pasture. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise! Be thankful unto Him, and bless His name! For the LORD is good, His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endureth to all generations."

Bibles for Free

 www.Bibles4Free.com distributes free King James Bibles to people who cannot afford one. We started out handing them to families in our Bus Ministry and have seen many souls saved from the distribution of God's Word. Now we are attempting to reach out around the world using the web and the response has been tremendous. Nearly 1000 hits in 3 months. We need prayer and funding to meet the need. For $2.35 we can get God's Word into the hands of a soul who will not receive one otherwise. 100% of donation goes for Bible and shipping cost. If you can help please send your tax-deductible gift to:

Canaan Baptist Church
5581 Salem Road
Covington, Ga. 30016

Reserved: Under Construction 


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