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Qualifications and Certification

Ministers are men and women called of God to serve the church in an official leadership capacity who normally have special education for such a ministry, whose leadership roles are certified through licensure, and who receive financial remuneration for their services. This includes ministers such as pastors, pastoral counselors, evangelists, Christian education or youth ministers, chaplains, or persons directly involved in the theological training of people for ministry.

We at ODB take licensing and ordination very seriously as this is not about religion or just about paperwork it is about being in God's will and being able to demonstrate His will in love and unity first to the body and then to those He calls ministers to lead. It is about being dedicated not just to teach and preach, which is a small portion of ministry but to walk with all in love and to be an example. People follow and do what we do as ministers more than what we say. Although we do not turn anyone away, being a minister with ODB, licensed or ordained should be taken seriously and soberly. It is about covenant with God and each other to accomplish His will and purpose. Each prospective minister must understand the following:

What God is looking for in a minister and what we are looking for:

 1) know that you were called of God

 2) know you were led by God and led by God to ODB

 3) ability to led by example and desire to walk with people

 4) know Godís plan for yourself, locally, globally and be able to help believers find Godís plan for themselves

 5) understand the needs of the people or community you are called to serve and dedicated to helping people with their needs in body, soul and Spirit and communicate those needs to us and or others so we all can seek His will for them

 6) fruit of the Spirit

 7) work to edify the body and bring the body together in love and unity

 8) dedicated to a life of seeking God and prayer

 9) demonstrate the heart of God, focused more on service than teaching or preaching

10) teach and preach Christ Crucified both Jesus the head and the body

11) willingness to work as one body globally to pray for others, work with others, exhort others, encourage others and support each others ministry

12) tithe

13) acceptance of five fold gift ministry and willingness to work with His ministry, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, which provides balance for the body

14) ability to follow simple directions, especially if you know you have been led by God to ODB

Although these may seem as difficult standards, it is all designed by Him to bring love and unity.

We are called to:

  • Gather the body to work as one body and walk together as one body.

  • To Understand and Accept Gods way's for stability, growth and provision.

  • Build the body of Christ and each member so they can be strong and do what they have been called to do.

  • Equip the Saints for the work of the ministry using the Five-Fold Gift Ministry, to reach all on earth with His way's Covenants and Commandments.

  • Send and support those called to gather, demonstrate His will and ways, to build the body, locally and globally for God to provide all needs through Christ, because it is the only way to deal with all needs.

  • To teach His Ways, Covenants, Commandments for God's Covenant blessing.

Things you can count on:

1) walk with each one God sends us

2) pray support for you, those you help and prayer support for your ministry

3) helping you locate resources so you can help those in need in the area you have been called to serve

4) provide training & training materials and studies for you and those you may train in the future

5) Spiritual covering

6) work with each minister to help each fulfill Godís plan in their life

7) help supply back room support, mentorship and counseling in ministry

8) Being part of Godís plan to reach every person globally with His love

9) Most importantly: Global vision, connection and representation: We can do all things through Christ, Jesus as the head and the body if we all work as one body to accomplish His will locally and globally. It is about covenant with God and each other to accomplish His will for any hope of a future.

Be assured we will work with all those that God sends.

a. Ministers shall meet the following biblical qualifications:

 1. spiritual maturity and Christian character as evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit as given in Galatians 5:22-23 and by the qualities required for Christian leaders in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9;
 2. gifts of leadership confirmed by the church of which they are members (Ephesians 4:11-14); and
 3. a servant spirit which enables them to submit to the authority of God as they lovingly exercise that authority in ministering to the people of God (John 13:1-17; 1 Cor.4:1-2; Phil.2:1-11).

 4. read and agree to the ODB, Articles of Faith, Our Daily Bread, Missions Board Code of Ethics for Ministers, Continuing Education Guidelines for Ministers


b. Ministers shall meet the following educational qualifications:
1. a high school diploma or its equivalent; and
 2. additional education as set forth in the description of licensed and ministers. (Note: Special consideration may be given after consultation with the candidate.) Located here: Certification Studies for Ministry for those that either are transferring to ODB or have some experience in ministry or here: Our Daily Bread, Bible Institute


c. Ministers shall meet the following denominational qualifications:
1. submit  Application for Transfer  with appropriate paperwork from another church and or participation in and completion of a prescribed program of study; at the discretion of the missions board.
 2. a commitment to hold and to teach the denominational "Articles of Faith";

 3. a commitment to support His ways, commandments, covenants and the programs of the Church;
 4. a commitment to communicate by word and example a Christian view, authority, and lifestyle as reflected in the Articles of Faith;
 5. membership in a local Church unless otherwise approved by the district executive board due to extenuating circumstances; and
  6. all credentialed ministers are required to attend district conference annually unless there are extenuating circumstances which are reported to and approved by the district superintendent prior to conference.


Ministerial Categories and Procedures for Credentials
(a) Establish membership in a local Church; and be licensed from another church for transfer to take place,
(b) Counsel with their pastor and district superintendent as to the nature and condition of their call from God to the ministry;
(c) Receive an official recommendation from the board of their local church; and
Submit a completed Application for Transfer and Appropriate Fee to: Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization, Box 1934, Redmond, OR 97756 or Submit a completed Application for Ministry/ and or Courses for Ministerial License to Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization, Box 1934, Redmond, OR 97756.

Applicants for the ministry living in an area where there is no Church shall comply with steps (b) and (d) immediately above.

Applicants for the ministry residing outside district conference boundaries may make application to the Missions Board with licensing subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the General Board. Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization believes that all are ordained by God according to John 15:16; however we realize that there is a need for licensing and credentialing of individuals seeking to work with the public and gain access to certain facilities where recognition is needed to gain access.

As an independent Church, Organization, Pastoral Counseling Center, or Church School you will have the freedom to operate under Christian boundaries, but you will have the expertise of a global organization behind you in your calling and work. You will have the authority to train fellow Christians in the work and License them as Ministers to help you in your calling and purpose. The only thing that you are required to agree to as a part of Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization is our Articles of Faith and ethical codes established for proper conduct of clergy, staff, and members of the Associations. The other thing that is required on a quarterly basis is to send reports on activities and people that you are Licensing in your Organization so they will be recognized by us and the annual renewal fee of $36* for filing the reports.

Be assured we will work with all those that God sends.

Charter Information:

As a charter member you may:


You will also receive:

1. Certificate of Charter (Legal Entity) authorizing you to do ministry with the particular charter that you have. It will also allow you to open a commercial checking account.

2. Referrals that we receive if you choose.

3. Online support, tools and resources to help you get going and help you expand.

4. We help promote your ministry with a free listing in our Resource Directory

5. Brochure templates and information that you can customize.

6. Recognition: We are a global ministry.

7. Organizational Membership (Automatic unless otherwise specified) to either Association of Pastoral Counselors, Association of Accredited Bible Schools, or Alliance of Accredited Ministers and Churches.

8. Optional Web Page with ODB (Additional Cost of $24 Annually). You give us the content, we do the design and layout.

9. Ministry Tools that will help you in many aspects of ministry.

10. Mentorship

11. Most importantly a Spiritual covering for the ministry you have been called to.

*Additional Optional Charges: As an option you will receive from Our Daily Bread, Bible Institute CDís that contain all of the course and studies offered by the School. There are 81 full courses available. The original cost of the CDís with the courses is $79 plus $8.95 S&H in the US and Canada and $12.95 for Canada (US Funds). In addition if you will be reproducing the courses in any format there may be a royalty fee depending on the course. If you are using the materials to teach from there are not royalty charges.