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Welcome to the world of Chaplaincy

It's all about people, and meeting them where they are!

You are about to enter the world of specialized ministries in the Association of Christian Chaplains. This is where trained male and female pastors minister in the name of Christ and the church in diverse and challenging settings such as correctional institutions, educational campuses, healthcare organizations and the military. 

According to Webster's Dictionary a Chaplain is defined as 1 : a clergyman in charge of a chapel  2 : a clergyman officially attached to a branch of the military, to an institution, or to a family or court 3 : a person chosen to conduct religious exercises (as at a meeting of a club or society) 4 : a clergyman appointed to assist a bishop (as at a liturgical function). Chapel is defined as 1 : a subordinate or private place of worship: as a : a place of worship serving a residence or institution b : a small house of worship usually associated with a main church c : a room or recess in a church for meditation and prayer or small religious services 2 : a place of worship used by a Christian group other than an established church 3 : a choir of singers belonging to a chapel
4 : a chapel service or assembly at a school or college 5 : an association of the employees in a printing office 6 a :
funeral home b : a room for funeral services in a funeral home.

Our Daily Bread, Missions in an effort to support the work of the Chaplain whether they are paid or not, full or part-time organized the Association of Christian Chaplains because of the requests we had as the needs of the Chaplain differs from the needs of other ministers in many cases. Many of our Chaplains serve in many capacities such as police, fire, military, hospitals, hospice and prisons either in a professional capacity as they are paid by the organization they serve or a church or denomination. In many cases Chaplains also work as volunteers in prisons or county jails working with other prison ministries. The Association of Christian Chaplains was created to help develop the ever increasing needs for resources for those they serve and a forum that represents them and to share in those resources.

Our Daily Chaplaincy Outreach, a part of Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization was created to nurture, develop and support the ministry and work of the Chaplain. Today there are thousands of full and part-time professional chaplains serving in many service organizations all over the globe in many outreach capacities. Chaplaincy leaders are elected and appointed in church administrative offices to oversee this important work.

In addition, chaplains have formed this professional association for fellowship and continuing education. This part of the ODB web site will introduce you to this network of ministry professionals and their work. Just click on the links below:

  • Campus Ministries Initiative

  • The Scope of Chaplaincy and Areas of Ministry 

  • Objectives for World Development of Chaplaincy 

  • Chaplaincy Associations in North America

Campus Ministries Initiative

Our Daily Bread, Missions working through the Association of Christian Chaplains, is embarking on a new plan to work with students who are either attending public colleges and universities or teaching.

The plan that is being formulated will use either students who are already enrolled in these public settings or young people who would do volunteer service similar to students missions at a public college or universities.

The concept is to use these individuals to help organize, communicate with and draw together other students and family at any given public university campus. They would be responsible for helping to plan and conduct spiritually orientated gatherings for the students and staff which they would identify. They would also be enabled to do outreach to their friends and fellow students through the process that would be developed by their local group.

Part of the plan is to have mentoring done by professional campus chaplains so the students will have adequate direction and support in this ministry.

The concept depending on the students involvement, is to pay these students a stipend, since their ministry would be a “part-time job”. The students’ service potentially carries academic credit through Our Daily Bread, Bible Institute as a part of ministry service to other students or to work with local churches to encourage churches to reach out to those in need in the community. 

Although these plans have been in the design stage, we are beginning to start pilot projects where Chaplains are available to head outreaches.

If you have interest or are on a campus or know of a campus that has students that either are interested in learning more about how to work in ministry or desire to serve people in local communities, please contact us to explore the potential of this program working on the campus you identify.

You can contact the Association of Christian Chaplains at:

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