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Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization: Charter & Chapter Groups

Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization was conceived of in 1994 and became a reality in 1999 and is becoming one of the fast growing global missions. Its design is to link believers globally as one body with many parts working together to make a stand and be counted, reaching out to all globally. Through Christ (Christ being to parts, Jesus the head and we are the body), we can do all things, which means we can accomplish much in working together to end local and global problems. To feed those that are hungry, give shelter to those that are homeless, and give clothing to those that are in need. To care for and walk with those that are sick and in prison. To stand as a united body and be counted for what is right. To this we all as members give our lives setting aside our personal agendas and working together for His glory in His will. To intercede as a royal priesthood, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, in all areas of need, and to be partakers of His promise in Christ by the gospel. We offer hope and help to first to the members of the body, their families, and their communities.

Benefits on how you and your family, and as a participating charter or chapter can:

· Learn through educational programs and resources.

· Get involved in your community and volunteer to help others.

· Financially help individuals, churches, schools and organizations through Matching  Funds Program available to members.

· Take advantage of programs and benefits available to you as a member.

Charters: Two Types

    1) Charter Churches and Organizations:

Charter Application

        The first common type of charter is available for those that are interested in starting a church, Fellowship House, school either K-12 or Bible School Program, food bank or Pastoral Counseling Centers in operation either in a normal counseling center or in a prison. These are typically licensed ministers either graduates of ODB, Bible Institute or transfers from another church or denomination or those that have received training through an ODB certificate program.  These are ODB affiliate ministries that are usually staffed by professionals in one of the ministry offices. 

2) Charter Groups within an existing church or organization:

Launch a Chapter Group

        These charters are usually an extension or a ministry outreach of an existing church. These are groups formed to reach out to the needs of individuals in the local community. These are called local chapters. They are usually run by volunteers or lay people that are interested in helping others. These chapters are usually formed to help train and fund ministry work and people in several outreaches such as prisons or county jails, transitional housing, food pantry, etc., as part of a church outreach. Most of this page refers to chapter groups but the same principles are used in all charter groups.


    Funds for both the charters and chapter groups are generated from donations, tithes and the sales or purchases of goods or services offered by affiliate businesses when people make purchases from the links located on this page: ODB, Matching Funds Program Both, either charter members or chapter members may make application for the use of funds for the next year. These funds are Matching Funds where by the local charter or chapter also has to raise the other half of the funds spent. The funds can only be used in helping people with their needs, such as food, clothing and shelter and can be only used for what is requested. 

Upon approval a portion of these funds can also be used to start Fellowship Houses. As a part of ministry it is in the best interests of both charter members and chapter groups to encourage people to make purchases from these links. This is called life style giving and if individuals and families use these links to make their purchases we could stop hunger and help all those in need globally as a ministry outreach. The pricing is no higher than in local stores. In fact, at times less expensive and you save the gas,  time, wear and tear on vehicles. These merchants donate a portion of the sale to ODB, usually 3-18% when people use the links to make purchases. ODB, created this method of raising funds as way to help others without asking for donations. it is a program and outreach where everyone wins.

About the Chapter System

Our Daily Bread, Missions uses a chapter system and are not here to compete with the church, but to work and serve the church. Individuals who have a heart for God and His work may organize a chapter. Each Chapter member will work to promote His work, organize, work together on resolving local needs and problems and are chapters are determined by geographical location, size, and zip code. Each chapter will elect board members who serve the members of the chapters. Our Daily bread, Missions Organization exists to serve God, the members, and the chapters. The chapter system enables members to aid themselves and others through voluntary action.

The chapter leadership board consists of Our Daily Bread, Missions members, elected by members in the chapter, who provide leadership to the chapter. The chapter leadership board is comprised of five required elected positions, five optional elected positions and a number of advisory people who are appointed by the elected leaders. It provides strategic direction, leadership planning and administration to support congregational and community service teams.

All elected leadership board members have equal voting rights -- the advisors do not vote in chapter leadership board matters.

Chapter leaders are required to meet weekly (in person or aided by technology) and are responsible for prayer and intercession of the chapter members, their communities, and allocating dollars to community service teams for helping individuals, families and not-for-profit organizations. In addition, they manage the process for the B Our Daily Bread, Missions Board of Directors and local chapter leadership elections.

Service teams and program funds:

We encourage all ODB members to become engaged with ODB through one or more service teams. A service team is a group of members that conducts one or more chapter activities. Each service team is part of a chapter, and all service team activities are activities of the chapter. It is through service teams that we anticipate most members will become engaged in working and, volunteering with local chapters and ODB to resolve the needs of people.

In the chapter system, there are two types of service teams:

Chapter care programs:

ODB chapter structure gives members a vehicle to demonstrate their care and concern for others. But it's the programs that provide the fuel—programs that offer funding and resources for members to deliver an even greater impact in congregations and communities. Three new chapter care programs are the main resources members can use to show their care and concern for others:

Care in Congregations Through this chapter care program, ODB provides funding for ODB members to conduct fund-raising activities, appeals/collections and/or hands-on work service activities to benefit a congregation or its related ODB institution(s). Members are encouraged to help the congregation in its ministry to the community and neighborhood in which it resides. Funding comes directly from ODB to the congregational service team's congregation.

Care Abounds in Communities Through this chapter care program, ODB provides funding for members volunteering in community service teams to conduct fund-raising activities, appeals/collections and/or hands-on work service activities that benefit individuals, families and not-for-profit organizations other than congregations. Activity requests for funding are directed to the chapter leadership board.

Care in Regions Through this chapter care program, ODB provides funding for members of multiple chapters to come together, through community service teams, and work with their regional manager of ODB community services to address a significant regional need(s). The community service teams conduct fund-raising activities, appeals/collections and/or hands-on work service activities that benefit individuals, families and not-for-profit organizations (including congregations) with significant needs. All activities are approved by the ODB local coordinator and ODB. Funds are sent directly from ODB to the chapters involved in the activities.

Note: Each region's ODB coordinator provides leadership and direction to the region. Each coordinator manages a team of paid (full-time and/or part-time) and volunteer positions that interact with chapters, congregations, institutions, volunteers and ODB associates. These teams are called ODB Coordination Teams.

Member Benefits:

Our Daily Bread Missions, Organization desires to be known as the most caring organization like no other. One way ODB shows its concern for members and their families is by offering a wide variety of benefits designed to enhance their quality of life.

Members may order complimentary e-books, studies, ministry materials, books, resources, finances supplied through Matching Funds Program and CDs—valuable resources to help and assist you in your personal walk with God, and train you to do what God has called you to, finance, healthy living, parenting skills, faith and caring for others. You'll also find other helpful products and services offered at significantly discounted prices.

These value-added member benefits will distinguish Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization from other financial services organizations.


We are responsible…..

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, we want our hand always to be there. For that I am responsible.

We are responsible both to God and each other.