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Commonly Asked Questions

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These are a few of the most frequently asked questions that we receive:

  About Us

  General Licensing Questions: Applicable to all Ministerial Licenses

  Qualifications and Certification for all Licenses

  Church, School, Counseling Center, Fellowship House Charter Questions:

  Partnership Questions

  Questions about Transfers of Ordination or Transfer of License from another Church or Organization:

Other Questions: Help Desk







General Licensing Questions: Applicable to all Ministerial Licenses   Top

What is the difference between Licensing and Ordination?

Christ called us all to His ministry according to John 15:16. Many churches ordain their ministers but we believe that God and Jesus are the only ones that can ordain. Licensing on the other hand allows those called and ordained by God to do the job legally. We License, Train and even Support Ministers and ministries as a part of Our Daily Bread, Organization to do His work.


Will my Certificate of License be accepted as Legal?
YES ... in most countries around the world and in all 50 United States. Our Certificates of License are widely accepted. We operate in many countries through our Licensed Ministers, Schools, Counseling Centers, Fellowship Houses, and Churches across the globe.


Is there any other registration required to perform marriages?
In most states you must get your License or Ordination recorded by the local government to legally perform marriages. There are still some states such as Texas that allows a Minister as long as they are apart of a church, perform marriages. The court clerk's or the county clerk’s office will have the specifics and legal requirements.


How long does it take to get my credentials?
We will usually process the request on the same day we receive it and send the documents within a day or two after you have completed the required course studies. If you desire, we can express the documents order by Federal Express or express mail for an additional charge.


Are there any renewal fees to keep my License in tact and active?
Yes, $12 annually, however you are automatically enrolled if you desire into one of the ministerial associations at no charge.


Can my License ever be revoked?
Your License can only be reversed or removed by ODB and the Missions Board and only after a hearing for just cause. We WILL remove an ordination or License from anyone who does not minister the Bible as God's Word or who does not minister Christ as the only savior of mankind or if that minister is involved in fraud or commit an act that goes against his or her ministry or practice. No Ministry outside of biblical Christianity is acceptable.


Is my personal information kept confidential?
YES .. we will not give out your contact information without your approval being obtained first. We NEVER give out information for name lists or mailing lists.
Once licensed with ODB, what title may I use with my name?
You may use any standard title that you choose. Reverend, Pastor, Elder, Evangelist, Minister etc., as long as you have taken the courses offered for that particular position, i.e. A License issued for a Pastor, General Category should not represent himself or herself as a counselor or Chaplain. There are three levels of Licenses offered and three separate levels of competencies. A: Teachers, educational certificates (Some of which a BA or MA are required), B: Pastoral Counselors and Chaplains, C: Pastors, Ministers General practice.


How do I receive a Ministerial Pocket ID?

Pocket ID's are available for $5 each.










Qualifications and Certification for all Licenses Qualifications and Certification for all Licenses     Top


Ministers are men and women called of God to serve the church in an official leadership capacity who normally have special education for such a ministry, whose leadership roles are certified through licensure, and who receive financial remuneration for their services. This includes ministers such as pastors, pastoral counselors, evangelists, Christian education or youth ministers, chaplains, or persons directly involved in the theological training of people for ministry.

(a) Establish membership in a local Church;
(b) Counsel with their pastor and ODB, district superintendent (if available) as to the nature and condition of their call from God to the ministry;
(c) Receive an official recommendation from the board of their local church; and
(d) Submit a completed Application for Ministerial License to Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization, Box 3500 PMB 146, Sisters, OR 97759 and passed the proper certification course.

(e) Read and Agreed to the following: 

Articles of Faith

Standards of Practice for Pastoral Counselors or  Code of Ethics for Teachers, Administrators of Schools or for General Pastors or Missionaries Missions Board Code of Ethics for Missions Work.

(f) Paid the appropriate fee.

Applicants for the ministry living in an area where there is no Church shall comply with steps (b) and (d) immediately above.

Applicants for the ministry residing outside district conference boundaries may make application to the Missions Board with licensing subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the General Board. Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization believes that all are ordained by God according to John 15:16; however we realize that there is a need for licensing and credentialing of individuals seeking to work with the public and gain access to certain facilities where recognition is needed to gain access.










Church, School, Counseling Center, Fellowship House Charter Questions:    Top


What are the different Charters and why?

Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization has several charters for different reasons as each category of charter has different needs:

Church Charter: Used for starting a church, mission or certain types of outreach.

Pastoral Counseling Center Charter: Used for Counseling services.

School Charter: Used for Schools, Church Schools, Home Schools, Day Care and Pre-school.

Prison Ministries Charter: Used for organizing believers to work in prison ministry especially if they are from different churches.

Fellowship House Charter: Transition Housing, Drug & Alcohol, Youth, Foster Care, Adult Foster Care, Women's and Men's Home (Abuse) & Missions


How do I receive a Charter?

If  you do not have a charter click here.


What is a Church Charter and why would I need one?

A church charter gives legal authority to operate as a church as a member of Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization and use its name. Without a Church Charter a person would have to file Articles of Incorporation in the state they desired to operate in and open a checking account. In addition, in order to be a Pastoral Counselor in most states, Pastoral Counselors need to be a part of a church.


Can I legally start a church?
Yes you can but you must obtain a Church Charter to be recognized as a legal organization.
..Can I name my church whatever I like?
Yes .. our Church Charters you are an independent however you will have the resources behind you to help you in your efforts and do not require you to list us in any way unless you are an affiliate mission or school. You may pick a name of your own, for your church.

Is my ministry automatically Tax Exempt?
NO .. You must file for non-profit status with the IRS. Forms are available at IRS web site.

Will I be able to Ordain or License others into my new ministry?
.. once you have a registered ministry (chartered church) you can legally ordain or License others, however it is important for you to register those ordained with ODB Home Office so they will be recognized. 


What are the Qualifications & Requirements for a Charter?


What do I receive?

1. Certificate of Charter (Legal Entity) authorizing you to do ministry with the particular charter that you have. It will also allow you to open a commercial checking account.

2. Referrals that we receive if you choose.

3. Online support, tools and resources to help you get going and help you expand.

4. A Free listing in the resource directory.

5. Brochure templates and information that you can customize.

6. Recognition: We are a global ministry.

7. Organizational Membership (Automatic unless otherwise specified) to either Association of Pastoral Counselors, Association of Accredited Bible Schools, or Alliance of Accredited Ministers and Churches.

8. Optional Web Page with ODB (Additional Cost of $24 Annually). You give us the content, we do the design and layout.







Partnership Questions:     Top



Partnership What is it?


Partnership has been created for the purpose of giving those interested  an opportunity to become "connected" to our Mission, Schools, and Church.


Why do we need it?


Partnership is about standing together as Christians, Volunteers, Ministers, Churches, Organizations, Schools, and Teachers to reach out to help those in need in love and the Gospel. Partnership is about sharing resources in order to get the job done here and now. The focus of ODB is to encourage, exhort, train, support and send believers to build the kingdom here. In doing so we believe that the problems, such as hunger, starvation, homelessness and crime would significantly decline as we learn how to "touch heaven and change the earth." 


What are the benefits of becoming a Partner?



None accept you know in your heart that you are helping to reach out with the love of God to put and end to the nonsense. It is about doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do. It is working together to as one body with many parts that will solve the problems. Partnership is also about having a place to go for help, prayer, encouragement, advice and direction in your life as any church should be concerned about. 


How do I become a Partner?


Simply click on the link and fill out the Partnership Enrollment Form.


Do I have to quit going to my regular church in order to be a Partner?


No we are here not to take away from the church but support it. Usually churches are focused on the local community that they serve and ODB is there to support the efforts of the local church locally and globally. We are a mission and our mission is to reach all thoseI in need globally through local churches and organizations whether they are affiliated or not. We are not attempting to build affiliations but relationship with all those that have a heart for God and desire to see His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 


How is e-membership different from regular membership?



There are some things that our Pastoral staff can do for our regular membership that we can't do for e-members, simply because of distance. For example: weddings, hospital visits and funerals. Also, some product offers aren't available in all areas. However, with e-membership just as regular membership, the same anointing in our church is covering you.


Is there a financial commitment?


There are no financial commitments or pledges that are required. Believers do give because they see the need and want to help as they are a part of His ministry.









Questions about Transfers of Ordination or Transfer of License from another Church or Organization: Top

I am ordained by another church organization. Do I have to go through the certification process and take your courses with ODB if I want to transfer my credentials?

Yes, we have to be fair and equal to all. The courses required for licensure are basic, but assures that everyone at least has a basic understanding of what they are getting into.


Which Courses are available?

There are several levels of studies offered by Our Daily Bread, Bible Institute. The basic certification studies are located here however these are basic studies that are designed to get a person started. In addition, a student may wish to continue their education and receive an Associates, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate.












Other Questions     Top

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