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Our Daily Bread, Missions Org.

Box 1934

Redmond, OR 97756


The Fundamental Top 500

About: Our Daily Bread, Missions Network

Advocacy: Independent Member Churches, Ministries, Ministers, Schools, Teachers & Volunteers Working Together as One Body to Accomplish God's Will Locally and Globally


Who we are:

Our Daily Bread, Missions is designed by God to provide you as an individual or you as a minister, with the tools you need to help you live a strong life and help you in your calling or purpose. We offer a wide variety of services to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and to bring the body to work together as one body in love and unity. 


The easiest way to understand what ODB does is to think of ODB as a communications center from one part of the body to other parts of the body in an effort to work as one body globally so the body of Christ can accomplish His will in the great commission. We offer through the body training, tools and resources so each can do full what they are called by God to do. There is power in agreement and with that is a spiritual covering to accomplish His will. ODB is made up of believers like you that have God's heart to fulfill the great commission globally and see His will be done.


We invite you to explore the pages of this website. These pages are, by His design to edify and bring love and unity to the body. We are all called to pray for each other, exhort, support and walk with each other. It is the will of God to do so and we encourage all to work as one body because we have been given all power in heaven and earth and are all responsible to walk in faith to accomplish His will as the body of Christ.

We are called to:

  • Gather the body to work as one body and walk together as one body.

  • To Understand and Accept Gods way's for stability, growth and provision.

  • Build the body of Christ and each member so they can be strong and do what they have been called to do.

  • Equip the Saints for the work of the ministry using the Five-Fold Gift Ministry, to reach all on earth with His way's Covenants and Commandments.

  • Send and support those called to gather, demonstrate His will and ways, to build the body, locally and globally for God to provide all needs through Christ, because it is the only way to deal with all needs.

We are all called to ministry! We work with those in ministry or trying to get into ministry.

Things you can count on: 

1) Walk with each one God sends us.

2) Prayer support for you, your group or church and or those you help and prayer support for your ministry.

3) Help you locate resources so you can help those in need in the area you have been called to serve.

4) Provide training, studies and brochures for you and those you train or reach out to.

5) Spiritual covering.

6) Work with each minister to help each fulfill Godís plan in their life.

7) Help supply back room support, mentorship and counseling in ministry.

8) Being part of Godís plan to reach every person globally with His love.

9) Global vision, connection and representation: We can do all things through Christ, Jesus as the head and the body if we all work as one body to accomplish His will locally and globally. It is about covenant relationship with God and each other to accomplish His will for any hope of a future.


Licensing as a Minister, Ministry, Organization or Church


Our Daily Bread, Missions: Its mission is to send believers called to the mission field to leave no stone unturned and deny no one. To accomplish this, Global Ministry Initiative was created to reach all through members of various associations, churches, volunteers and schools. Join the team!

Our Daily Bread, Ministries: The body (members, churches, organizations and ministries) working together in different local ministries through Charter & Chapter Groups and affiliates to help believers first and those in need that are not in the body: Join the team!

Our Daily Bread, Bible Institute & School: Training & Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, from preschool through college:


What we do!

We work to build the body of Christ and each member, training each to do what they are called so all can demonstrate Gods love, ways, covenants and commandments to reach all globally and then help supply the tools and resources so you can do fully what you are called to do. It is about walking together in agreement, prayer, exhorting each other, walking with each other and supporting each other's ministry. 


Everyone knows the problems; 

  • Approximately 12,000 per day stave to death, 

  • Homelessness, 

  • Disease, 

  • Crime, drugs and prisons

  • High Prices taking our focus off of God and on to needing money to solve problems.

Laws and social services cannot solve the problems, only the body with Jesus as the head, can if it works in love and unity as one body, because we have been given all power on earth and heaven to destroy the work of the enemy if we have the will to do it. 


Our Daily Bread, Missions is in the process of gathering believers together to work as one body globally to meet the needs of all and to leave no stone unturned. It is a call for all believers to learn to work together by faith for His purpose, where no one is greater or less than the other and coming to an understanding that it will take all of us working together to care for people. ODB is working to develop a global network of believers, churches, schools, counseling centers, ministers, partners and volunteers who are dedicated to be advocates for those in need. This network when complete will be driven by a system of prayer and communications helping to broadcast the needs of others, connecting those that have and those willing and able to help, with those in need.


We welcome your help in helping develop an effective response system to issues and needs which impact the people of our communities, no matter where the community is located. Help us through prayer and involvement, help others, help themselves. We are all called to pray, but beyond that, faith without works is dead, and we also need an active and effective way to reach out to those in need.

Counting the Cost: The big cost if we choose not to be involved is that it may cost us, our future, our children's future, higher taxes, increased crime, instability at home in our country, and other nations. The second cost is time. Time to pray. Time to become involved at some level.

Our Daily Bread, Missions encourages church involvement and advocacy to reach all in the area they serve. The simple facts are that if we love God, we will work to become like Him to love all, care about people, do something to help them, and to demonstrate His love and care to all people on earth. Our Daily Bread, Missions will not work against the church, but encourages and supports the work of the church and prayerfully working to bring unity to the body.

Needs and Local Resources: The purpose of Our Daily Bread is two-fold; first, it is promoting Christ; Jesus being the head and His people are the body and His work, to destroy the work of the devil, to demonstrate Gods love and secondly, to encourage individuals, organizations, churches, and agencies to work together to solve the needs of people on a local and global basis. To help share resources and information between organizations on individuals to help reduce overlapping services and help to reach and understand the needs of all so no one falls through the cracks.

We are responsibleÖ..

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, we want our 

hand always to be there. For that we are responsible.

We are responsible both to God and each other.

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