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"Wouldnít it be wonderful to start a Christian school or Pastoral Counseling Center? Consider the benefits...to your community, your church, and last, but certainly not least, your children."



How and Why Start a Christian School or Pastoral Counseling Center?

Themes for Christian Schools and Pastoral Counseling Centers:


Commonly Asked Questions

The ODB, Philosophy of Christian Education

A Christian School or Counseling Center in Your Community?

Three basic Types of PEOPLE:




Introduction:  Index Top

"Wouldnít it be wonderful to start a Christian school or Pastoral Counseling Center? Consider the benefits...to your community, your church, and last, but certainly not least, your children."


Pastoral Counseling Centers: Working to resolve the problems of today. Pastoral Counseling centers working with:

Christian Schools : Training people to resolve the problems of the future. 


Basic steps for "Starting a Christian School or Counseling Center and why they work hand-in-hand!"

At Our Daily Bread, Missions, we know the challenges you face when starting a Christian School or Pastoral Counseling Center. This brochure, written by an experienced school and pastoral counseling administrator, was designed to guide you step-by-step through the process. Our mission is to provide the best resources to help make your ministry a success.

Wouldnít it be wonderful to start a Christian school? Consider the benefits to our community, our church, and last, but certainly not least, our children." You may be motivated to ask the question "why is a Christian school so important in the scheme of things?" Here at Our Daily Bread, Missions we believe that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We all agree that Jesus is the head, but we are the body that makes up Christ. Jesus gave His life so that we may be able to overcome all things and all of the needs of the community, no matter how large the need. God through His Son gave us all of the tools, but our part is to learn how to use the tools and learn how to work together to accomplish His will on earth as it is in heaven. We are His chosen people to carry out His forgiveness, love, grace, and justice and if we do not, it is not His fault for the way things turn out, but ours.

We all know that God wants to supply all of our needs according to His richness in glory, but we need to learn how to do our part to help stop the insanity. It is that insanity that causes the problems that we have today. Just like the farmer, we have been given all the tools to resolve all things and all problems, but we must be committed to learning how to use the tools that we have been given and use them, working together to establish His kingdom here. It is the only way out for any of us. We are called to live be faith, but faith without works is dead. We all have a purpose, a calling, and gifts to carry out the work that we have been given, but not many know how to stand in the authority that we have been given.

As the farmer has been given the tools to work the soil, sow the seed, caring for the crop, and finally, harvest the crop, the farmer needs to learn how to use the tools that he has been given. It is up to the farmer to seek the information to get the job done and be resolved in getting the job done. We are all told to "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all things will added unto you." It come down to learning how to put God in our lives, seeking the information, and learning how to work together as one body with many parts through Christ and accomplish the job. 

How and Why Start a Christian School or Pastoral Counseling Center?   Index Top

Pastoral Counseling and Christian Schools can help begin the process of healing in individuals and the community. It helps resolve the problems of today and the future!

Step One: Be resolved that the only long term solution to the problems is through Christ (Christ defined as Jesus the head and we are the body). It is salvation to us and all those we meet. Anything else or less is a short term fix and not of God.

Step Two: Learn and relearn what it will take to do what we have been called individually and corporately as a body to do. The kingdom of God is not over here, nor is it over there, it is within you and you walk in it as you walk through life either focused on the things of God or everything else that interferes with our personal relationship with God.

Step Three: Take responsibility for outcomes. Adopt a new attitude that says, "if it is be, it is up to me." Most of us spend more time planning our vacations than spending time seeking God for solutions. He is Our Daily Bread, and we all need to learn how to trust Him for the answers to all things and then act upon the answers we receive. Many of us come to seek God when we are in crisis, because He always has come through in the past, but are we seeking God when we are not in crisis? Perhaps that is one of the reasons why crisis reoccurs.

Step Four: Once we understand completely what we have been given, it is then time to use the tools and spread the Word so we as a body can come to an understanding of who we are in Christ, our position, authority, and our responsibilities to God, each other, and all those that we meet.

Step Five: Establish Christian schools and Pastoral Counseling Centers that teach the truth about what we have been given, the responsibilities, and help others go in the direction that God has called them to. Training is a key. It is learning how to have a heart for God and learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit. It is all a chain reaction. Once the change is in us, God effects everything that we do, our hearts, desires, purpose, and direction. Pastoral Counseling can change individuals, marriages, communication, relationships, and help bring resolve to local problems such as homelessness, and put an end to hunger while bringing an understanding and purpose to our childrenís future through a quality Christian education. We believe that through Christ, by establishing Christian Counseling Centers and Christian Schools it helps to reach out and solve the problems of the community today and through our children, begin to solve the problems in the future.

Step Six: Learn to work together as one body with many parts. Once we understand the tools and how to use them, then it is time to learn to work together to accomplish His perfect will. His will is first, that no one is lost, secondly we love and care for our neighbor(s) as we would for ourselves. He wants no one to go to bed hungry. He wants us all to have shelter, and He wants all of healed. In the Christian community, we have been given all the resources to get the job done. There is enough of everything to be able to reach everyone in the world and help those in need. What is lacking is the knowledge and the desire to work together to resolve the needs.

Step Seven: Once you have learned it is then time to begin to walk and learn to walk with others encouraging, exhorting, counseling, and teaching. In doing so, we walk in the light that we have been given. It is what Christianity is and the job cannot be left to others to do. The job is to each one of us individually and corporately as a body to work together. The change will effect you, your children, your home, and your community, one step at a time.

Themes for Christian Schools and Pastoral Counseling Centers:      Index Top


  • GROWTH IN THE BODY (Becoming Living Epistles)

  • REACHING OUT TO THE COMMUNITY (Coworkers with God)

  • HOW TO FIND THE VISION (Godí Plan at Work)


  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Discipleship Training)

  • WORKING WITH PEOPLE (Taking care of the needs, body soul & spirit. Exhort One Another Daily)

Changing the lives of Christians, One at a Time. We have been given the vision,

the tools, and the power! The rest is up to us!

Five Principles of Success

1. URGENCY: We the body can no longer sit by and wait. The cost of waiting and not acting on the Word is disease, wars, increased crime, addictions, increased taxes, and starvation, all of which decrease the quality of life.

2. OWNERSHIP: II Chronicles 7:14, speaks to the believer. We need to turn back to God and humble ourselves, seeking Him, asking Him for direction and be willing to turn from our ways. For some time believers have thought that the problems of the world are the fault of the non-believer, but scripture indicates it is the believer. The good news is the believer also holds the solution according to scripture. We simply, "canít fix it if we are not willing to take responsibility for the problems."

3. LEARNING BY DOING: We as the body need to understand who we are in Christ, our authority, responsibilities, and act on that authority. Next we need to seek a vision and the guidance to know His will so we as a body can work together.

4. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION IS LIFE LONG LEARNING: As we talk with Jesus, we can never afford to think that we know it all and are doing everything that we can. We need to continue to study (II Timothy 2:15).



Things You Can Count On:

  1. FOCUS: It is the Holy Spirit that is the teacher if we are willing to be open and sensitive to His Spirit.

  2. QUALITY: It is Godís message to each believer, individually and as a Church. He will lead you to the conclusion of what needs to be done. He cannot be wrong. We need to learn how to walk in the Spirit, being sensitive to the Spirit of God in each one of us, as we learn to speak to the Spirit in each believer, and not the flesh. When we learn to recognize the Spirit in us, fruit will grow, taking care of the needs of others, we will be walking in His righteousness as we will be judged according to the fruit of our spirit. You will get relevant needs based training direct from God.

  3. RESULTS: Good seed or bad seed always produces after its own kind. His Word will never come back void. However we must be willing to set aside beliefs and seek Truth. The point of any of it is to find out who we are in Christ, our responsibility, and receive the power to accomplish our purpose.

  4. VALUE: You will receive what God has for you. You will by using the model be able to find His will for you as an individual, as a church body, and receive His blessing.

  5. PEACE OF MIND: By going through this you are putting God in control. it is His will and outcome. The end result is that it benefits all of us.

  6. ITíS GUARANTEED: God and His Word are either true or not true. If it is not true nothing will change except our beliefs. If, on the other hand it is all True, then lives will be changed and you have helped reach others, setting individuals free, and doing your part to see that His will is done on earth as it is in Heaven. Jesus is alive and willing to work with all those who seek Him. We have His Word on it. In fact if you get nothing out of any of this we donít want you to keep it. Send it back in thirty days and your money will be returned. You have nothing to loose! His power is real! It is His work, to His glory!


Do You Desire-

*To become not only a laborer, but also a skilled warrior?

*To find and fulfill God's plan in your life?

*To seek a more personal relationship with God as he takes you by the hand, to teach you the things you could not know?

*To learn about the Spirit, His gifts and anointing?

If so then this is for you:

Commonly Asked Questions    Index Top

What is teaching and counseling and what is the difference? In the norm we think of teachers who teach in a classroom, usually with a number of students. We normally think of counselors as someone we go to when things are not working the way we think or believe the way things should. These are all good concepts but we find that Jesus took twelve counseled them and taught them. After all the purpose of learning is, learning how to get through life, hopefully in one piece and in harmony. The emphasis on Pastoral Counseling and teaching is help individuals find out who they are in Christ, their purpose, gifts, and help them walk in the path that God has called them to. The Holy Spirit is really the teacher and once a person is connected with their purpose and their calling they will not be happy or content with anything else. Individuals and students are able to learn far faster than in normal teaching settings as the focus is on God as the center of all things. Once God is at the center, things are in balance. Once balance is obtained individuals and students are able to learn more, retain more, and learn to become a part of the solution. This is true for children as it is adults. One is just a little bigger than the other and perhaps older, but the needs are the same.

What kind of financial resources are necessary to begin a school or Pastoral Counseling Center? Notice that this is the first question addressed. That is because it is the one question that is always certain to be asked. While it is definitely beneficial to have an abundance of financial resources, it is not always necessary. The first step is to be willing to be used by God for His purpose. Once trained to do the job, God will open doors for you. Unfortunately, many schools and centers are never established because, rather than considering the available resources, attention is given to what is not available. Do you have a building to use? Can you use your churchís Sunday school rooms? Are there people willing to offer their time and talents to teach, administrate, and run the school or center? Are there others in your church or community who would like to have a Christian school or counseling center? Are you willing to use your time and talents? Rather than focusing on what is not available, take an inventory of your available resources. In working with Our Daily Bread, Missions as a member you will have access to our Outreach Consulting services that will help take you from the planning stages, to how to raise funds, to completion.

How many students are needed to begin a school? That depends on you! Once you begin, God will give you small things to do, perhaps one, two or ten will come your way and they may be of all ages. It is coming to an understanding that if God is in control of your life, the person in front of you is there because God put them there. As it is said success brings success, failure brings contempt. A Christian school or counseling center may be run in connection with a church or typical school. A school may be started with any number of people and or children. It can be started at home, church, school, or even prison. Counseling and teaching is about finding out who your students are, their needs, helping them, walking with them, and supplying alternative solutions than what the world will give them. It is about caring for the needs of others and intercession. Where there are adults and children who need to be taught and those willing to walk with them and teach them, you will have the number necessary to begin. The key is to not get in over your head. You may begin with any number, but be sure you are able to serve the number you do begin with. A great advantage of the Our Daily Bread, Bible Institute curriculum is its flexibility. Whether your school or service has classes that are large or small, mixed grades and ages, conventional one-grade classes, or a combination of all of these, Our Daily Bread, Bible Institute has the right curriculum.

Who will administrate the school and teach the classes? Remember that you can only start with what you have or what God puts in front of you. If you begin with several people willing to help, select your teachers counselors, and administrators from among these people. If you are the only one available at the outset, Ö well, you get the message. Be careful not to employ staff before the financial resources are available to do so. Again, the key is not to get in over your head. When I personally made the commitment, God and I were the only ones involved. We were principal, teacher, janitor, and "you name it." However, we began with only a few and were able to accomplish what needed to be accomplished. It was a lot of work, but God blessed it, and the rewards continue to be immeasurable.

How do we promote our school or counseling center? Obviously, paid advertising, such as newspaper and yellow page ads, is wonderful. However, this is not always affordable, especially when just beginning. Surprisingly though, the best form of advertising is free Ė word of mouth. The other thing that has worked well is brochures that come with your beginning package. Everything that you receive was designed to help you get started and keep focused on what you have been called to do. The courses, brochures, forms, methods of outreach have all been designed to help you get started and established, in a step-by-step method. Experience is a good teacher and that is one of the reason why Our Daily Bread, Bible Institute and school can be a valuable asset and resource. We are on the front lines with you. It is important that you set goals for growth, your primary focus is always on those students who are already a part of your school.

In starting a Christian School, which curriculum should we use? There is more Christian school curricula on the market today than ever before. Choosing the best curriculum for our school was one of the most difficult tasks. Our Daily Bread, Bible Institutes focus, of course is on Biblical studies on how to deal with lifeís problems and situations and how to overcome them, while Our Daily Bread, Missions can help further with supply you with a complete curriculum if you are starting a traditional school or service for grades K-12. For those interested in starting a traditional school or even for those that are interested in teaching their own children at home, Our Daily Bread, Missions can help with choosing the right curriculum for you, your children and or your students. Our Daily Bread, Missions can also help, if you choose, in helping your raise funds for your school, counseling service or help you with an income to help you stay focused on what God has called you to do. Programs and services offered can be customized to meet your particular needs or situation.

What age should our school or center serve? Traditionally we think of students according to an age group. This unfortunately puts people in a box and limits the ability to teach and to learn. The truth is, learning is a life long ambition which is usually created by events or situations where individuals need to obtain information. We all start in the cognitive years of our lives at an early age learning basic skills i.e. touch, smell, feeling, etc. We send our children off to school as we believe that the answers to life are obtained by knowledge or information that will get us the job that we believe that we need in order to be successful of happy in life. Many of us go through this and end up getting married, having children, only to continue a never ending cycle. Some of us come to realize that the information that we receive does not give us all of the information that we need. For example; basic education does not teach us purpose or how to get along with others or our spouses or even God. A distinctly Christian education is the best education for people of any age. The point of a good Christian education is to help a student prepare for life, its challenges, its needs, and problems giving them the information that they will need in order to resolve lifeís intricacies. We have found there are more students and people in need than teachers, counselors and mentors. What is needed in teaching and counseling is to be able to deal with people whatever their need, age, or situation. Understanding this will allow your school or center to grow. It is also important to understand that you will have the tools available to you through Our Daily Bread, Missions to help meet the needs of most individuals, no matter the age, situation or circumstance. This is one of the great advantages of the Our Daily Bread, Bible Institutes curriculum. Curriculum is available for preschool children through adult, with every subject necessary for a complete Christian education.

The ODB, Philosophy of Christian Education    Index Top

Success??!! Success is a matter of having a clear philosophy of Christian education.

All in all, a successful Christian school or Pastoral counseling center will provide the student, young or old with the tools to fulfill the summary of the Law, as given to us by Christ -"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets." (Matthew 22:7-40) Not only will the Christian school be instrumental in changing the lives of its students, the families of these students will also be ministered to. It is about coming to maturity in Christ and students will mature and people will see a difference. Why? Because once touched by the Holy Spirit, perspectives, attitudes, desires, outcomes and lives are changed. The rest is learning how to do what God has called us to and then walking with mentors, teachers, and counselors until they are established in their own purpose and work. This focus impacts the students, the home, church, and community. Christian schools will have a direct impact on its community and the world at large. Students graduating from a well-operated Christian school will go on in life with a biblical world view, leadership skills, strong Christian morals and principles, and a zeal to spread the message of Christ no matter what the age of the student.

Before beginning such a venture, we must be certain of our purpose. Many Christian schools are established because of a negative reaction to what may or may not be taking place in non-Christian schools. Surely, we ought to be concerned with such matters; however, a philosophy of Christian education reaches far beyond mere reaction. In order to develop a proper philosophy of Christian education, we must examine what the Bible says about education and counseling. Look up and study verses having to do with the training of adults and children, the responsibility of parents, and the duties of the body, Church, and the family. With a concordance, look up words such as father, mother, children, son, daughter, teach, learn, discipline, train, etc. A Christian schoolís philosophy must be developed from Scripture. When we are clear as to what the Bible teaches about Christian education, our philosophy should be written down in such a way that it could be clearly communicated to parents, churches or individuals interested in your school, service or center.

A Christian School or Counseling Center in Your Community?  Index Top

Is there a need for a Christian school or counseling service in our community? At first glance, the answer to this question seems to be an obvious yes. After all, would it not be wonderful if there were a Christian school and counseling center on every corner? I agree that would be a wonderful sight. However, the question takes more than that into consideration. We must first be sure of the need, understanding Godís will, and make sure that we are to the task before we begin. Certainly the interest is there in most communities, but is there an equal desire? Many times it is a question of making sure of the needs, the support (at least prayer), and the willingness for at least some of the body that has the same vision and commitment to the vision. It is important that we consider our motives for wanting to start that type of ministry. Christians are to be in unity, not in competition. "Splits" of any kind can to harmful to the body and Godís will and work. The purpose of a Christian school and counseling centers is to minister to individuals, children and their families, not to "do our own thing." Simply because a school, church, or center may be labeled "Christian", does not always suggest that it is a well-operated ministry, which can do more damage than good. We suggest taking a heart felt look at the needs of the community, the body, pursuing God each step of the way, speaking to your pastor, to your church, and to families in your community. Take an inventory of your community or town and consider if there is a need.

Three basic Types of PEOPLE:    Index Top

One common mistake, when beginning a Christian school or Pastoral counseling center, is to assume that everyone wanting to be involved has the same philosophy of Christian education. Christian school administrators and teachers quickly discover that not all students, children, and parents have the same reasons for wanting to enroll. Often, such a discovery tends to be discouraging; however, it does not have to be. Awareness of different points of view will help keep us from being bewildered or discouraged. Though ideas and opinions seem as numerous as the stars in the sky, for our purpose, we have classified them into three groups:

1. First of all, there are those that might be referred to as the "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." These are families who have really never contemplated non-public education. "Free" public education, with "free" transportation to and from school, and "free" books are simply a way of life they have been involved in for generations. Private or Christian education is something that is not even considered. For many of these parents, they simply do not understand the ramifications of a public education , or perhaps they do not understand our purpose, calling and the reason things are happening in the world today the way they are. They may not have come to an understanding that the world is in a mess and we either as a church are a part of the problem or a part of the solution and how to get to where we are all supposed to be. Often times it takes crisis in order for people to seek God, counseling, and learn a different way to do things and why. Many feel today they are OK and somehow what is happening is what God had intended as they believe that "God is in Control." This attitude comes from a luke-warm relationship with God. Many today sleep in spite of what is happening all around us.

2. The second grouping of individuals and parents could be called the "Optional" group. These families regard Christian education as a possible option. Such individuals may consider non-public education if they are dissatisfied with something in public school. Families may see Christian school as a way of escaping or correcting such problems. Hopefully, their assumption is correct. Christian schools certainly should provide a better environment for children. However, should a particular problem be corrected in the Christian school, the "Optional" may send their child back to the public schools. "Optional" parents often see Christian education as a sort of reform school for their children, not understanding that it is the parents who may need the help as much as the children. This is one of the reasons why Pastoral counseling and Christian education go hand-in-hand. We must realize that there are always some that begin Christian school only because of past problems, but of these, some will see the overall value of a good Christian education and remain in a Christian school. Even those who do return to public school have benefited from their time in a Christian environment, perhaps in a way that will affect the rest of their lives.

3. Finally, we have the "Convicted" group of families. These are individuals and families that have come to the realization that without God there is nothing, no hope, future and no way out except to get back to what God had originally intended for His people. This is a small number of people, but the number is growing. We believe that God is calling His children out of world. To have a closer relationship with Him. These families have strong convictions concerning Christian education. They have come to the conclusion that a distinctly Christian education is what they and their children must receive. Though they may not agree with nor approve of certain situations in public schools, this is not the primary reason they have sought out a Christian school. Those who have the desire to begin a Christian school or Pastoral Counseling center are typically of this group and often assume that anyone who will be attending are of the same convictions. It is important to understand that the Christian school is able to minister to each of these groups. The Christian school may still reach out to parents who have not considered anything other than a public education for their children. The success of the Christian school in academics, behavior, safety of students, as well as other noteworthy factors, may be instrumental in opening the eyes of parents to the great benefits of a Christian education and Christian counseling.

"Rather than being discouraged by anyone who does not come to us, our schools or centers with other than strong convictions concerning Christian education, we should look forward to the opportunity to minister to a broad variety of individuals and families. Though this does not mean that care must not be taken when considering applications, the opportunity to minister to a variety of students and their families is certainly worth consideration."

Conclusion   Index Top

This brochure has been provided to inform you as well as encourage you. It is by no means all inclusive. As you read and proceed through these steps, you will surely come up with other ideas and become aware of details we have not mentioned. At Our Daily Bread, Bible Institute and Missions, we are totally committed to Christian education an Pastoral Counseling. 

Jesus did it and so should we! Our future depends on it! It is our desire to see good Christian schools beginning and growing throughout the globe. We all need to understand who we are in Christ, how to get there, and how to solve the problems of life. It takes counseling and education. We are here to help you and wish you Godís blessings as you embark upon this wonderful adventure.

For more information on how to start a Christian School or Pastoral Counseling Center  Contact Us or write us at:

Our Daily Bread, Missions Organization, 

Box 1934

Redmond, OR 97756

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"The future is either ours, or we have given it away! Our future (our children's and all those we influence), are dependant on our beliefs attitudes, and actions! The future is created by what we do or perhaps more importantly, what we do not do!" 


"Evil prospers when good men do nothing"

JL Williams

We are responsibleÖ..

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, we want our hand always to be there. For that I am responsible.

We are responsible both to God and each other.

By Dr. JL Williams Th.M., DD Of Our Daily Bread, Missions  & Rev. Douglas B. Mills, Th.M., Ph.D. of Alpha & Omega Publications

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